About Us

I am Carolyn Rankin, BA BEd OCT, a certified special education teacher with over a decade of teaching and tutoring experience. After seeing many families struggle to find tutoring that meets his or her child's needs, I created a tutoring company designed to address the complex needs of children with exceptionalities.

What We Do

We provide research-based, quality in-home tutoring foistock_000062674246_fullr children of all learning needs. Our individualized programs are designed to support any learner.  We work in the comfort or your home on your schedule.

Our Vision

At Concierge Tutoring our goal is to support children's learning with individualized programs designed to correct their weaknesses and further engage their strengths.

Our Clients

We serve families from Hamilton, Halton and the Greater Toronto Area. Our students often have diagnosed or suspected learning disabilities. We help all families that feel their child needs more help than the school system can provide. We also strengthen private school programming. If your child is struggling, even if they have not been diagnosed with a learning disability, contact us for more information.

Our Team

My team consists of educators and teachers that want to change the way tutoring is provided to students with diagnosed or suspected learning disabilities. Our hands on experience working with learning disabilities ensures that your child is getting the help they need.  Our tutors are working professionals with experience both in the classroom and working one on one. Our knowledge and experience will help your child exceed your expectations.