Elementary school pupil and teacher using tablet computerWe offer in home tutoring, with an experienced and certified teacher, for children that are struggling in one or more subjects.

Our tutoring is done in your home and is designed to address all of your child's learning issues. We tackle homework, teach organization, build core skills, strengthen weaknesses and most importantly, foster self confidence and independence.

Tackling Homework

Through our individualized programs we can help your child complete their homework without the stress and anxiety usually attached. Using the curriculum as a guide, we address weaknesses and correct them so that your child does better in school and can complete work independently.

Teaching Organization

For students to achieve both inside and outside the classroom, they must be organized. Each student has different needs, in this regard. We work with your child to develop strategies they will actually use.

Strengthening Weaknesses

Our approach doesn't just improve grades. It addresses the areas that your child needs reinforcing and developing. We design a program to bridge the gaps that are impacting your child's learning. We spend considerable time correcting parts of the curriculum that were not mastered the year before.